Graphic Design Project Draft: Poster


For my graphic design project I chose to create a poster based off of 3 different images that I chose. I created this poster to portray my overall topic I chose for this project, which is all about how me and my friend can reach roads that a lot of people can’t get to. I chose the mountain picture in the background to show the kind of places we go to, and the cars were chosen because they were both ours.

As I was designing this poster, I wanted to do something that highlighted and showed off our cars, so I made them the center of attention. As I added more to my project, I decided to get a bit more crafty. My text was created by actually removing the outline of the text from the background, so that way I could put an image behind the text to add more character. To finish it off, I decided to outline my Pathfinder and then use a color overlay to create a smaller version of my car that I put on the crest of one of the hills.

The tools I used in Photoshop were mainly the “magnetic lasso tool” to outline the cars, and a lot of different blending options for the specific layers. The blending options I used were mainly the “stroke” tool and a variety of different inside and outside drop shadows just to add more depth to the picture. The text specifically used a combination of an inside shadow, and the stroke outline. Throughout all the finishing touches I did on my poster, it was a lot of tweaking the levels of different layers in order to get it looking the way I wanted it to.

The materials that I used in this project were mostly mine, with the exception of the mountain background picture, which I got from Pixabay; a website that offers free-to-use images. The link to that image is here:

Overall I’m really excited for this project in general, and I’m confident that my poster is going to end up looking exactly the way I want it to.


4 thoughts on “Graphic Design Project Draft: Poster

  1. After finishing critiquing everyone’s projects, I went to see my feedback I received to discover I have none. I have checked both on my actual post, and on the WordPress Admin Dashboard thing and it also says I have 0 pending. Because of that I can only really reflect on what feedback I received from my instructor, and that was to remove the red car (my car) from my poster because it doesn’t fit the overall theme of my poster. Because this is my car, I’m determined to work on the poster to the point where it can fit in the overall design. I don’t know how exactly I’m going to do this yet, but I will find a way to make my car fit the poster style better.


  2. Hi Bobby! First off, I really enjoy your topic of going to different heights that people can’t reach. I find the mountain picture being the base of your other pictures symbolizes your story. The pictures of you and your friend’s cars featured in the middle of the image really stands out that you get to take these cars out to reach to higher places. I also really like your text featured on in your image, the background of the text looks like the sky. Although I think it would maybe be more legible to read if you place the text somewhere else. I think the text font is a neat style for this image but where the text is placed could be moved around. I also think with the pathfinder you could potentially use the hue/saturation to maybe make the car pop more since it’s a main feature in the image. Overall i really like your image and can see that you are really passionate about your car and the places you go with it. Great job!


  3. Bobby, I really enjoyed your project and could definitely tell the story the image is portraying. The use of the cars and the mountain scenery brought a lot of color to your poster. The first half of your image is awesome with white SUV and the mini black cut out on the mountain in the back was a great touch. For the bottom half with the red pathfinder, it seems to go off of the theme of the top half. By adding a color stroke to the red SUV to make it a little more vibrant, I feel that it would help it flow more with the upper half. Also maybe cutting out the red SUV with the lasso tool and extending the mountain scenery down would create a natural look and allow the SUV to fit in the poster without to much contrast. Overall, I think you did a great job portraying your idea into the poster.


  4. Hi Bobby! To start off, this project is really cool and the overlapping of your images looks great! There isn’t much I would change, but I think it would be a good idea to bold the text a bit more. Due to the fact that it’s coloring is similar to the background, I would recommend bolding it so that it is a bit easier to read. This would help make it a bit more pronounced and make it a stronger element on the image. I would also saturate the mountains a bit more so that they blend a bit better with the images of the cars. This will help make the elements a bit more cohesive as a whole. Overall, I love how you made the cars very pronounced and the positioning of each element really adds to the photo to make it even more interesting and unique. Nice job!


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