Graphic Design Project: Final


When I sat down to start creating my graphic design project, it came to me instantly that I wanted to create some sort of poster to convey my topic, which is off-roading. I knew I needed pictures of the cars to start, so I went out and took pictures of both my car, and my friends car. From there, I went to look for a picture of hills/mountains for the background. I had images that I shot myself from Yakima, but none of them had the type of geography that I wanted in it, so I went to Pixbay (a free to use images website) and found a picture of some mountains that worked well for the picture. After tying all of these pictures together along with the text, my poster was complete.

The “tying together” process was something that took a bit of time. Once I loaded my mountains background into Photoshop, and went from there. I began with my friends Tahoe (the white car), and using the Magnetic Lasso Tool I was able to cut it out of its original image, and then after applying a Stroke effect to it, I added it to the picture. I then added my car (the red Pathfinder) just below the mountains, and simply tried to blend the pictures together. To finish my poster, I added text in the upper right hand corner, which had a different background behind the text, and then put a white border around the entire poster.

My revised poster isn’t majorly different from my original, rather it’s just more refined. The feedback I received from my peers were all similar, that being to change my text so it was more legible, and to make “the red car” fit the picture more. To do this, I used the same tools and methods I used on the Tahoe to make the Pathfinder fit better. I began by stretching the mountains background to fit the entire poster, and then simply used the Magnetic Lasso Tool, and the Stroke and Drop Shadow effect on the Pathfinder to make the cutout blend well with the image. I also messed with the picture of my car in the background by lowering the opacity to make it stand out less, and not be the center of attention. To finish my revisions, I changed the text to a simple black with a white outline to make the text pop, and I’m a lot happier with the way it looks.

The materials that I used in this project were mostly mine, with the exception of the mountain background picture, which I got from Pixabay; a website that offers free-to-use images. The link to that image is here:

I really enjoyed the graphic design project, and I’m proud of my final poster. The revisions I made helped make my poster look better as a whole, and I’m very satisfied with it.


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