Logo Project Draft


For my logo, I wanted to stick with something related to my topic: Off-roading.

When I sat down to start designed my logo, the first thing I thought of was my car, so decided to use that as my background for my logo. Building off that, I knew I wanted to have the text say ‘Off-Road Nation” but I didn’t exactly know how I wanted to portray it. After thinking for a while I came up with the idea of using a tire as the “O” in off-road to keep with the theme. To finish it off, I knew I wanted the text in the middle of the car to have an almost ‘negative’effect on the image to make it look like the letters were actually just cutouts from behind the car.

When it came time to bring my logo to life in Illustrator, the first thing I started with was my car. I brought the image into Photoshop, traced all around the car to make a perfect cutout, and then I brought that image into Illustrator. Since all of our materials had to be vectors for this project, I then proceeded to transform the cutout of my car into a vector using the trace image tool. After selecting the silhouette option for the image, I was able to create an outline of my car while maintaining the detail of the rims, which is exactly what I wanted to do. In order to make the tire, I played around in Illustrator for a few hours but couldn’t find a way to make the tire look exactly the way I wanted it to, so I went online and found a tutorial on how to make a tire in Illustrator. I didn’t follow this tutorial step-by-step however, because the tire would have ended up having a 3-D effect to it that I didn’t want. I mainly followed the tutorial on how to make the general shape of the tire, and how to create the tread that went on the tire. After creating and moving the tire into my project I then proceeded to simply add my text to the logo, and then moved everything together the way I wanted it to. Overall I’m very satisfied with the way my logo turned out.

Link to the tutorial I used for the tire: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-detailed-3d-vector-tire-in-illustrator–vector-2144



5 thoughts on “Logo Project Draft

  1. Wow! You have some real talent when it comes to Adobe Illustrator! I was honestly speechless when I saw your design! I really loved how you incorporated your own car by tracing the picture of it in Illustrator, the use of two different Adobe softwares was genius! You used good technique when it came to the design process and I really enjoyed your writing as well. The only part of your design that stood out to me was the colors. Using black and white is very simple and if that is what you were going for, then great! But I feel as if you could make your design more complex (than it already is – because it is already super complex and advanced) by throwing in some color…perhaps using the colors of your car! Also, you might want to think about using all the same font, the design became a bit busy for me to look at with the two different fonts. Overall, you did an amazing job! I cannot wait to see your final project for the unit!


  2. Your logo fits in really well with the theme of your website! I like that you kept the color scheme simple by using black and white. The use of the tire as the “O” is very creative, and your font also fits well within your theme, giving your logo a rugged feel. I would suggest that you try and fill in the bottom of the car’s tires to give them more of a circular shape, as it cuts off a little bit at the bottom. This would make it less evident that the car was traced from a previous image. I also think it could be beneficial to add a line of white between the two front tires, to give the car more dimension, so it is easier to differentiate between the two tires. Overall, I think your logo turned out great, and really communicates a clear message about your theme!


  3. This logo looks absolutely amazing. Your decision to use your real car makes it very personalized and cool, and it seems to me that you used the trace tool expertly. It looks like a relatively scalable logo as well, and that’s incredibly important. I also don’t think you were too timid in your design, which was a general concern listed in a recent post. Though another concern listed had to do with logos being too colorful, I think a splash of color could play in your favor. Maybe outlining your words in something bright that could still translate well when the logo was printed in only black and white could be a good option here. Or adding a kind of outline around the whole car in a bright color – then the negative space aspect of your words doesn’t have to be compromised. I also love that you used a tire for the ‘O’ in ‘off’ and I like the font you chose. The words all seem slanted away from the tire though, and I think it may be more visually appealing if the words don’t slant away or the tire slants with them – the continuity principle. In the end though, it doesn’t look like you’ll have a lot of fixing-up to do; this logo is great!


  4. After reviewing the comments that I received on my draft logo project, I am happy to say that most people enjoyed my logo and it doesn’t look like I have too much to fix on it. Most people enjoyed the simplicity of my design, and I’m happy with that. One person wanted me to add some more color to my logo but since I’m going for simplicity, I’m going to keep my logo just black and white. Besides that, someone told me to add some more detail around the tires to make them more circular all the way around, and I agree with that. I know what I have to change on my logo, but overall I’m very happy with how it turned out! In the final version of my logo I am going to add some detail around the tires of the car to make it more detailed, and slightly adjust some other things on my car itself to see if I can find something that I like more that would add more detail to the logo.


  5. Your logo project is definitely sending your message. The use of your car as the main shape is a great use of inspiration for you, as seen in your last photoshop project as well. I feel that you went beyond with this assignment using outside tutorials to really get across the point and take away the restrictions that can sometimes hold back ideas. For some improvement, maybe adding some color to the logo. With just black and white its very clean, not distracting, but I know that color can have a positive effect if used properly. The cut out skills and detail of the cars figure is to the dot and completely realistic. Maybe adding a circular shape for the car fit in go be an additional factor, but overall I love the logo design and its simplicity with just the car and words. The font used as well with the tire were an perfect touch to your logo. Job WELL done!


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