Logo Project: Final


This, is my completed logo that I designed for Unit 2.

Considering my course subject I chose was off-roading, I wanted to design a logo that would really emphasize on that. To begin, I knew I wanted my car to be part of my logo, so I used that as my background for my text. For the text I knew I wanted something rugged so it would keep with the style, and I came up with the idea for making a tire and using that for the ‘O’ in off-road. But most of all, I wanted to keep my logo very minimalistic, and I feel like I have done that well.

Bringing my logo to life in Illustrator was difficult. The first issue I had was using my car as the background, since everything in Illustrator is based on vectors rather than images. This required me to pull the image I had saved from Photoshop during the Photoshop assignment, and bring it into Illustrator. Once my cutout of my car was in Illustrator, using the trace image tool I was able to transform that cutout into a vector, and then from there I put a black color overlay over the entire image. To create my text, I began with the task of creating a tire. After a few Google searches I came across a nice tutorial on how to create a tire vector in Illustrator, and I used that to create my tire. I did not however follow this tutorial step-by-step, because if I would have then my tire would have had a 3-D effect to it that I didn’t want because I wanted to keep my logo very minimalistic. Therefore, I followed the tutorial on how to make the tread of the tire, but the rest of it was mostly me experimenting in Illustrator. The rest of the text was easier, but a lot of thought went into it as well. I wanted the text that said “Off Road” to have a very rugged feel to it, but I wanted the text that said “Nation” to be a bit cleaner. I ended up using the font “Quick Toy” for the off-road text, and the font “Fly n Walk” for the rest of it.

Reading the feedback I received from my peers, I  was able to determine it needed color, and something else needed to be added besides the car. I came up with the idea of adding a circle around everything to bring it all together. I did this using the ellipse tool, and I just added a black stroke to the circle. I chose the red/maroon color because it is the color of my car, and it contrasts well with the black.

Link to the tutorial I used for the tire: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-detailed-3d-vector-tire-in-illustrator–vector-2144

Link to the fonts I used:

Quick Toy: http://www.dafont.com/quick-toy.font

Fly n Walk: http://www.dafont.com/fly-n-walk.font



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