Draft Audio Story

For my Audio Project I decided to stick with the off-roading theme of my unit topic, so I interviewed my close friend who owns a car which had been featured in my projects previously. Besides the interview, I also included an audio clip of his car, and music in the background to add space to the interview.

To begin my project I knew I wanted to interview my friends and ask him some basic questions about his car. Nothing too crazy, but a few simple ones such as how many miles he had put on his car since owning it, and his favorite trip he had taken in it. Besides the interview with my friend, the only other thing I could think of to add to this project was the sound of his exhaust when his engine is running. In order to get this audio, he loaned me his keys, I went out and set my phone on a curb next to his tailpipe, and collected my audio as needed. The sound of his car at the beginning of the interview adds to the overall experience by giving the listener a better idea of what he is talking about in his interview. To finish my draft I added a free-to-use song I downloaded off the interview, and put that in the background.

In order to put this all together in Audition, I started with the intro of his car turning on and revving. Nothing had to be adjusted here besides shortening the clip down a little. From there I added the actual interview itself, and nothing had to be changed on that. When adding my music, I initially had the audio levels too high in my first version, to the point where the interview was hard to hear at times. My final product involved placing the revving of the car at the beginning, and then cross-fading the idling of the engine into the start of the interview. During this transition on a separate track, the background audio begins and gradually fades into a quiet background track that is not distracting, but adds to the experience.

Overall my experience with Adobe Audition was pleasant, and I did not run into any major snags when it came to understanding the tools of the program. I felt like my interview with my friend provided a good amount of information on his car, and combining it with the sound of his car was a good way to create a deeper experience with this interview.

Link to song used in background: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=usuan1100570




4 thoughts on “Draft Audio Story

  1. Hi Bobby! I think your interview was realty good. I think your questions did a good job of not being too broad but not being too specific. I don’t know much about cars, or anything actually, but I was still able to follow along in your interview, so you did really good with that! I don’t think there is much you can do to improve your story, because it is really good, but one thing you could think about would be adding ambient sound to the end of your story to make it appear as if the car is driving away. This might give your interview a good touch to make it seem like the car drove up, spoke with you, and drove away. Overall, I think you did a really great job, and I like the background music and noises that go along with your interview. Good job!


  2. Hey Bobby, I think you did a great job with your audio story. It’s very engaging and has a lot of life in it. Adding the car revving at the beginning was a very smart choice and really sets up the listener to understand what they are about to hear. The only things the I would change to help improve your story are possibly shortening the car revving, I know you already shortened it, but personally it seems too long still. Also, the music in the background is good, but at time it seems a little distracting, I suggest bringing down the volume a little more on the music. Overall, you did a fantastic job.


  3. Hi Bobby! To begin, I think your project is awesome and I can definitely relate to your passion since I have a jeep I often take off-roading. I loved the way you began your story, it was a really interesting way to hook the listener’s attention. The music was also a great touch to keep the interview fast-paced, upbeat and fun, just like the subject itself. I only have a few suggestions for you. There were a few times that there was distracting background noises during the actualities, so if you could find a way to edit these out or else rerecord them in a more quiet space, that would make a smoother and clearer sound for audiences. There were also a few points when the music was a little loud to understand what the voices were saying, so I would recommend lowering the volume during the overlapping times and maybe lowering it the most during the most important or interesting parts. My final suggestion is really dependent on who your intended audience is, so this will be up to you. But, the person you interviewed used a lot of mechanical jargon that might be hard for some to understand, so if you want the general public to listen then you may want to add more thorough explanations of some of his answers. But, if the intended listeners should all be familiar with these terms, then I think your audio story is starting off great! I can’t wait to see the final.


  4. I really like your draft of your audio project! I like the different aspects you used, so that it was different from just the normal narrative. The interviews, car sounds, and the background music gave it a more three-dimensional feel and made it seem a lot more thought out and finished. One suggestion I would have would be to even out all of the noises (i.e. the car noises and background music) so that they do not overpower each other, as they do in some parts currently. Overall I think this was a good start and I look forward to seeing your final project!


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