Audio Story Project Final

For my Audio Story I decided to stick close to the Off-Roading theme of my topic, so I interviewed my close friend who owns a car, which I’ve featured in my projects in the past. Besides the interview, I also included clips of both his car starting and revving, and him driving away, which I used as a way to add depth to my story.

To start, I knew I wanted to conduct some sort of interview about cars for my audio story, because it fit well with my unit topic. In my interview with my friend, I asked him a few simple questions about his car such as how many miles he had put on it since owning it, and his favorite trip he had taken in it. To add more depth to my story, I decided to go out to record some audio clips of his car to be featured in the interview. Besides the sounds of his car, I knew I wanted music to fill the empty space in the interview, so I went online and found a free-to-use song to put in the background. After collecting all my source materials, I brought them into Adobe Audition to combine everything.

The sound of the car starting and revving is the first thing heard in my story, then followed by the quiet background music, and then into the start of my interview. All of these have fades in and out of the beginning of each, in order to create a smooth flowing experience. The background music has been lowered significantly from its original level, that way the sound of the music doesn’t overpower the sound of the interview. At the end of my story, the interview ends, and the sound of my friends car is heard as the music and the car noise fades away.

My original draft of my audio story was similar to the final, but the final flows significantly smoother than my draft. Prior to editing it for the final, my interview was filled with a few spots where I stuttered, so I spliced them out and adjusted the audio accordingly. I also lowered the levels of my background music a bit more, and raised parts of the audio in the interview where my voice was quieter.

Overall I’m very satisfied with my audio project. I was initially unsure about what I was planning on doing for an audio project on cars, but thankfully my friend knows plenty for an interview on that subject.

Link to song used in background:


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