Final Video Story


Idea and Inspiration

When it came time to create my video story for my unit topic, I was very excited. When I initially picked the topic of off-road cars for my overall unit topic, the assignment I instantly thought of was the video project, because I knew this one would work the best for my topic. I knew I wanted to make a video about how his car works both on and off the road, that way I could give my audience a good idea about what it’s like to have an off-road car as your daily driver.

Design Process

Designing my project was interesting. First off, I had to plan around my friends schedule since it was about his car, and on top of that his car had to go in to the mechanics twice in the past month to get upgrades done to it that he wanted. This made it somewhat challenging to shoot shots for my assignment, so it wasn’t until just this week that I was able to shoot all the footage that I actually wanted in my final story. I knew I needed a few shots of him driving on the road and off the road, but I also threw in a few others to establish character in my story. After I got all my shots, I needed something to go in the background of my video, so I wrote up a script following the course of the story to narrate what was happening in every clip. In order to fill the dead space between the pauses in my narration, I also searched out some Free-To-Use music to add to my project.

Technical Detail

After I had gathered all my materials for my video, I brought them into Adobe Premiere and went to work. I started by laying out all my footage, and making sure I ended up somewhere between the 1-2 minute criteria. After that was set, I went to work writing a script to match what was happening in the video, and I recorded that and added it to my project. To finish my materials, I added my song to the background, and went about adjusting all the levels on my audio to make sure nothing overpowered anything. I added a title sequence at the beginning of my project to establish what my project is about, and then added a bunch of transitions between the clips to make it flow smoothly. Overall, there was a lot of little details that went into my project to make it turn out the way it did, and I’m very satisfied with it.


Since I was unable to get the clips I wanted last week, I was unable to post a draft. As a result of this, I didn’t have any changes to make from a draft, but I’m really happy with my final product.

Sources and Materials


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