Reflection Blog Post

My favorite project throughout the course of this semester was either the graphic design project, or the video story project. I enjoyed the graphic design project a good amount, but that was mainly because I have had some past experience with using Photoshop, except I never had a place to post anything. My favorite project was easily the video story project, because I have had a lot of past experience editing videos, except I had never used Adobe Premiere. This allowed me to learn a new program for video editing, and I plan on using this one from now on.

Some of the skills I learned in this course is extremely beneficial to me because of my major being DTC. I want to go into some sort of media field, so using a lot of the Adobe suite introduced me to a more professional range of programs.

Building off of that, DTC stands for Design Technology and Culture, so this class contained a lot of material and work that was right up my alley. More specifically, I want to do something either heavily graphic design related or video editing related, so it makes sense why I liked the graphic design and video story project the most.

I was satisfied with the skills I learned this semester. I want to take a class more specifically aimed towards graphic design or video editing, but I liked all the materials this course covered.

Besides a handful of websites I used to find some free-to-use music for my video and audio project, I mainly stuck to my own designs for my projects.

Overall, I really enjoyed this course as a whole. It covered a lot of material that I not only enjoyed, but also contributes towards my major. The unit topics were interesting, and the programs I was introduced to, gave me a great learning experience. I would recommend this course to anyone looking into the DTC major.


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